Mia Made Dreams started in the nursery of our little girl.

Many of us wonder and dream what our nursery will look like when we begin a family – as we want it to be that safe haven where our baby rests their head, closes their eyes, and drifts off peacefully to sleep.

We want it to be an oasis of calm with splashes of colour, something that inspires not only our little ones, but ourselves as well, like opening the pages of a fairytale book. Ultimately, when we step into the nursery, we want to step into our own little world. We want to sit with our children and feel as far away from the everyday stresses of adult life as possible!

The whimsical designs from Mia Made Dreams encapsulates this dreamy little world. Each design is lovingly thought out and hand stitched. We strive to be the polar opposite of mass produced plastic toys and decor, instead aiming for simplicity and sustainability in the most beautiful way possible.